bodAll dancing and non- dancing pieces are professionally sewn here in the Czech Republic
from high quality material - also a domestic supplier - flexible and pliable viscose
with lycra which is beautifully adaptable and so from each piece of clothing you can tie
several variants without worrying about stretching or rupture.

As a professional dancer I know where and when I feel well while moving
and how all the ties work that is why I am convinced that these clothes really help
and seduce into dancing.

We make clothing mainly for dance training but after finding out that it excels not only
in dancing but also in everyday life and simply in all activities, we do not hesitate
to offer it to women of all ages and figures, pregnant mothers and nursing women
who find out that these pieces are exactly the right ones, fitting best and wearing them
they feel comfortable at the time.

This outfit promotes femininity, female curves and is very airy and graceful when moving.

That is why it is so popular with a wide range of women.