Our first models we started sewing already in 2008 were originally determined for own need while dancing and during dancing training. After finding out that it is great to move also when worn both normally and ceremoniously and especially after enthusiastic reactions from the environment and growing interest in our clothing we gradually expanded our offer of multifunctional models today up to the current portfolio.
    All our models are sewn by Czech dressmakers from quality materials which are viscose with elastane content and merino wool for colder periods of the year. Both materials offered in an inexhaustible number of colours and shades provide softness, flexibility and pliability where each piece of clothing enables variability and you can tie it in many ways without worrying about stretching or rupture.
    Our clothing is today, mainly for its amazing ability to highlight female curves and amplify female beauty, very popular with women of any age and character type but also with yogins, tantrics, dancers shortly with people who appreciate variability, flexibility, colourfulness and profess effervescence and freedom of movement.
    We have always made sure that the materials we use as well as the whole production process have been as ' fair ' as possible and as considerate as possible also to the nature and we make everything happen in the place we live.
  •  We sew from natural materials
  •  We buy materials made in Europe from local sellers
  •  Exclusively local, well paid dressmakers participate in the production
  •  Supply and distribution during the production process is by an eco - powered car with natural gas propulsion, all locally in the circuit of 10km                 

Our clothing is a local product with minimal ecological footprint which, however, with its originality, quality and especially beauty has become something really universal and timeless.